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Hail to the Sicilian stonemasons!

I’m laughing my butt off reading Marie Manilla’s The Patron Saint of Ugly, about a character who is both Appalachian and Sicilian, like me. I do not know much about my forebears from that spiky island, but I know that … Continue reading

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Rise ‘N’ Shine

According to , this miniature was bred by Ralph Moore in 1977. It went on clearance at , Bob got it for me for my birthday (mid-June), I stuck it in the ground, and then I left town for … Continue reading

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And the garden looked at the gardener that it had made,

and it saw that she was good. She laughed and she cried at the birth and the death of a drop of dew. She filled with the singing the light made as the leaves breathed it in. From her porch … Continue reading

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