Midcentury moment

I find mid-century modern fairly vile; however, this concrete planter I’m using to keep the garden hose from trashing the ferns called for something striking, sculptural, weird.

I found it yesterday: a Kniphofia, I believe, perennial known as red hot poker.

Added Black dragon sun coleus and chartreuse Angelina sedum, and also some chartreuse Guacamole hostas at risk of being crowded out.  I’ll look forward to seeing how well these plants play together.  All except the coleus are perennials here.

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Peggy Martin climbs a tree

The saying sub rosa meaning in secret is thought to have originated in descriptions of pagan rites carried out in places sacred to The Goddess: under trees where roses grew.

I guess I should invite all the pagans I know to come over and enjoy mind-altering chemicals — Coffee, anyone? Tea? CHOCOLATE? — here in this obviously sacred space.

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My trusty assistant


Tobey doesn’t actually work in the yard except to murder the odd shrew.  She has more of a  supervisory role.  Her taste is impeccable.

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Saturday morning

Sitting out here watching the light come through the leaves. As the sun comes over the trees across the street, it lights up different details, different plants.

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Too big to fit in one picture

This is Peggy Martin, seen from the front porch, in a kind of DIY panorama


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I have coveted these natives of the Pacific Northwest for many years, and now finally have planted some — insanely late, but I was a gambler with a Van Engelen gift card burning a hole in my pocket


I look forward to seeing them naturalize.

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Swamp rose, day two

May 16, 2018. It’s ramping up for this blooming season. It’s before seven AM, so these blooms are not yet fully opened.

They’re semi double rather than double.

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