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Attack of the Swamp Rose

I decided to buy what is reputed to be a repeat-blooming swamp rose. [Most species roses bloom once a year, like azaleas]. The swamp rose, Rosa palustris, is a North American native, and because my dad’s ancestral home is in a Mississippi swamp, Bob calls me “Swamp Rose.” The fact that this was reputed to be a once-blooming cultivar sold me on it. Continue reading

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Garden design rule: Focus on the places you see most often

  For once, I’ve done it right.  I paid special attention to the area around the outside spigot, because — DUH! — I use it all the damned time.  And now every time I see it, it’s lovely to look … Continue reading

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The perils of chickens . . . closer to home

[Pecky & Ella above, with Amanda & Mark] Our ex-neighbors did attain Amanda’s goal of having some chickens.  Mark got a dozen fertile eggs from a friend, and they incubated them with a warmer.  They hatched a day earlier than … Continue reading


Finally, fountain functions!

    Of COURSE I couldn’t just BUY a ready-made fountain.  NOooo, THAT would be too EASY!    I had to:       buy a few concrete urns from Lowe’s,       load and unload them myself [husband has back fractures],       … Continue reading

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