Garden design rule: Focus on the places you see most often



For once, I’ve done it right.  I paid special attention to the area around the outside spigot, because — DUH! — I use it all the damned time.  And now every time I see it, it’s lovely to look at.  [The spigot itself is just behind the corner of the house.]

First, I got rid of the overgrown holly bush that scratched me any time I went near the hose.  [Design rule #1 should be, Don’t plant holly or agave or cactus near where you attach your garden hose.]  Then I planted part-shade-loving “Limelight” heuchera, neighbor Nick Petit’s hostas, azaleas, and sensitive ferns (Onoclea sensibilis)that wouldn’t get so big they impede access to the spigot.

Now the area delights me every time I turn the hose on or off.  When I do that, here is what I see:

view from spigot



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