The perils of chickens . . . closer to home


[Pecky & Ella above, with Amanda & Mark]

Our ex-neighbors did attain Amanda’s goal of having some chickens.  Mark got a dozen fertile eggs from a friend, and they incubated them with a warmer.  They hatched a day earlier than they were supposed to . . . .  Amanda could hear them peeping inside the shells, so she loaded them in a plastic bin with a rigged-up lightbulb warmer and took them on a business trip with her.  They ended up hatching in a Hampton Inn somewhere.

The warmer was insufficiently warm, so they didn’t dry off as quickly as they ought to have.  Luckily, Amanda had brought a hair dryer on her trip . . . Did you know that it’s not only possible to blow-dry a chicken, but that they also LIKE it (the warmth)?  I didn’t, either.  Sorry there are no pix of the tiny chicks being blow-dried.

The three more recent additions to the family [below] have not, to my knowledge, been blow-dried.  They were bought day-old, and guaranteed to all be girls.



Here are Plymouth Barred Rock pullets, posing outside their little coop, under their picture.



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2 Responses to The perils of chickens . . . closer to home

  1. Janie Balon says:

    Hi, I stumbled onto your blog while researching roses. Just wanted to say thanks. You made me smile and laugh (some tears too). Just what I needed after this past winter in the mountains of PA.
    Thanks again!

    • unwit says:

      Thanks! Glad to know I’ve made somebody laugh besides myself, chuckling at my own goofy jokes. Tell me sometime what roses grow in the mountains of PA — Are you zone 5, then? — I’m interested to know. I’ve got a Marchesa Boccella due to be delivered from Antique Rose Emporium in a week or so. It’s rumored to be hardy to Zone 5 and has been sold under the name Jacques Cartier, so I assume they grow it in Canada.

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