Finally, fountain functions!



Of COURSE I couldn’t just BUY a ready-made fountain. 

NOooo, THAT would be too EASY!    I had to:

      buy a few concrete urns from Lowe’s,

      load and unload them myself [husband has back fractures],

      drag them into the backyard,

      decide that no way of stacking them looked right,

      then trek to Nicholasville and get the urn you see here.

      Then I had to paint it blue.

Then stack it atop a square planter, atop a concrete paver slab, to get it the right height and to be able to fit the tubing underneath.

      Then I had to thread the tubing through the whole stack [harder than it looks — the urn alone weighs at least 75 pounds].

      Then I had to take it apart, un-thread the twisted tubing, put it back together, and re-thread new tubing . . . .

It’s taken me since last YEAR. But I’ve made one juvenile robin so far very happy.  (I put a false floor inside the urn to make it shallow enough for birds not to drown in it).


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