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Garden design rule: Focus on the places you see most often

  For once, I’ve done it right.  I paid special attention to the area around the outside spigot, because — DUH! — I use it all the damned time.  And now every time I see it, it’s lovely to look … Continue reading

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Finally, fountain functions!

    Of COURSE I couldn’t just BUY a ready-made fountain.  NOooo, THAT would be too EASY!    I had to:       buy a few concrete urns from Lowe’s,       load and unload them myself [husband has back fractures],       … Continue reading

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Side trip: The perils of chickens

I had never considered just how chickens might possibly escalate. We’ve been very excited about the prospect of having chickens next door.  The husband-type component of the world’s best neighbors is building a great-looking chicken coop.   So far it’s plywood … Continue reading

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Structure 2: Arches

Here Lulu leads the way into the backyard.   We got her from the Frankfort humane society in 1998, shortly after we bought the house. Arches are some great bang for the buck for a lot of reasons: They point out … Continue reading

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Structure 1: Porch

Structure is almost the most important thing in making a garden look good, and it’s where I fall short.  Alas, the salary from my day job does not afford me fripperies such as brick or stone walls or paths, terracing, … Continue reading

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