Side trip: The perils of chickens

I had never considered just how chickens might possibly escalate.

We’ve been very excited about the prospect of having chickens next door.  The husband-type component of the world’s best neighbors is building a great-looking chicken coop.   So far it’s plywood and a good-looking metal roof.

Here it is at an earlier stage.

First runner-up in the Hambrick Avenue Crazy Husband Contest

We figure next door is just about the perfect distance to enjoy chickens vicariously.   I expect they’ll hop the fence every so often, but the frizzles, silkies, and pekins Amanda is thinking about getting — chickens with a high, an extremely high cuteness factor — are not great flyers.

Therefore, this situation promises to be perfect for us.  Like having nieces and nephews — close enough to enjoy, but not saddled to you for life.

I had never considered the possibility of a chicken incursion into my house.  Until now.

These photos, from Farmhouse38, seem to document a full-scale chicken invasion.

Apparently, these bold marauders do not fear guard dogs.

You’ll be glad to know that this invasion was thwarted . . . . For now.

From Farmhouse38

Then again, some people actually encourage their chickens to enter the house: thus, the invention of chicken diapers.

Friends, I am not making this up.  This photo is from the “chicken diapers” page of  My Pet Chicken,  an emporium supplying both common and exotic fowl and paraphernalia for all your pet chicken needs.

There is also a site called   At this website, chicken diapers are available in fourteen colors, black and white, a rainbow print, and one called “Woodland,” which looks very much like Mossy Oak.


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3 Responses to Side trip: The perils of chickens

  1. B says:

    Looks to me like thsese chickens not only got in but found things to eat once they did get in…what kinds of things, I wonder? If chickens eat hairballs, this could be a blessing in disguise….

  2. mary says:

    The possibility of a hairball eating chicken?!? Bring ’em on…

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