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Heavenly hell strip

Many hell strips in my old neighborhood are too steep to walk on anyway. These neighbors made theirs into a high-contrast medley of dark violet Louisiana iris and bright chartreuse lysimachia.

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What rose gardeners do in winter

besides peruse rose catalogs: We get into houseplants.   I do fine with outdoor plants that can pretty much fend for themselves, but houseplants are a whole different ball game, as my dad would say. I’m the Johnny Appleseed of … Continue reading

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Garden design rule: Focus on the places you see most often

  For once, I’ve done it right.  I paid special attention to the area around the outside spigot, because — DUH! — I use it all the damned time.  And now every time I see it, it’s lovely to look … Continue reading

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The Truth About Ripeness

16 June 2009 When I first started growing raspberries, I invariably picked them when they were bright red and full-sized, but not at full flavor: still a little sour. Over time, by tasting hundreds of them, I learned to tell … Continue reading

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