Garden May 2012



This spring we must have gotten the right weather at the right time, because everything bloomed wonderfully [if terrifyingly early].  Here are photos.  


The big one trying to tear down the porch at left is Awakening.  Bob said he saw a fireman driving by [without the siren on] whip his head around as he drove by.  Is that a rose or WHAT?!!!


Reve D’Or looking down from arch next to the compost pile.  This is such a great rose and has withstood much abuse.  It’s so far from the house I didn’t supplemental water it at all as it was getting started, and it’s gotten so lovely. 



Here it is, close up. 


Scaling the garage wall with no encouragement from me.  A wild grapevine got there first and provided a scaffold.  Roses climb with their thorns, which usually point down toward the roots, except in one species I can’t recall just now.


Not the same rose.  This is Buff Beauty, climbing up an elm tree. 


The arch to the backyard from underneath [with Ghislaine de Feligonde and Jeanne LaJoie]. 

Here’s the view from outside the arch: 


Another arch with roses: 




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2 Responses to Garden May 2012

  1. Amy says:

    It’s 1:00 am and I just had to look up photos of the roses I’m reading about in a book. My search for Reve d’Or brought me here…what lovely pictures, and what a beautiful garden you have. Oh!…if you’ve never read “Merry Hall”, by Beverley Nichols, you might check it out. It’s a funny and charming book about an Englishman’s love for gardening.

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