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It’s October, and a mushroom I don’t recognize has unfurled its umbrella overnight. It’s the most delicate thing, semi transparent like a Luna month’s wing, and it looks like it would glow in the dark.   

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Peggy Martin, Peggy Martin, Peggy Martin

Stage right I’ve been trying to get the essence of Peggy Martin into a photograph. I’ve been trying to get the entire plant into one photograph.  It’s not possible. I think this is hilarious. You want to feel smart? Like … Continue reading

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Return Of the swamp rose

The swamp rose is back and better than ever. It’s about four feet by four feet now, covered with panicles of 2.5″ semi-double lavender -pink blossoms that the light shines through. And the fragrance scents the entire yard. It’s a … Continue reading

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Hail to the Sicilian stonemasons!

I’m laughing my butt off reading Marie Manilla’s The Patron Saint of Ugly, about a character who is both Appalachian and Sicilian, like me. I do not know much about my forebears from that spiky island, but I know that … Continue reading

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Rise ‘N’ Shine

According to , this miniature was bred by Ralph Moore in 1977. It went on clearance at , Bob got it for me for my birthday (mid-June), I stuck it in the ground, and then I left town for … Continue reading

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And the garden looked at the gardener that it had made,

and it saw that she was good. She laughed and she cried at the birth and the death of a drop of dew. She filled with the singing the light made as the leaves breathed it in. From her porch … Continue reading

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What rose gardeners do in winter

besides peruse rose catalogs: We get into houseplants.   I do fine with outdoor plants that can pretty much fend for themselves, but houseplants are a whole different ball game, as my dad would say. I’m the Johnny Appleseed of … Continue reading

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The secret life of Lulu

Bob and I are missing our cat Lulu.  She was our first cat, our senior cat, and she lived with us for sixteen years.  She enjoyed the time she had. She made the best of everything, even when Teeny bullied … Continue reading

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Attack of the Swamp Rose

I decided to buy what is reputed to be a repeat-blooming swamp rose. [Most species roses bloom once a year, like azaleas]. The swamp rose, Rosa palustris, is a North American native, and because my dad’s ancestral home is in a Mississippi swamp, Bob calls me “Swamp Rose.” The fact that this was reputed to be a once-blooming cultivar sold me on it. Continue reading

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Garden design rule: Focus on the places you see most often

  For once, I’ve done it right.  I paid special attention to the area around the outside spigot, because — DUH! — I use it all the damned time.  And now every time I see it, it’s lovely to look … Continue reading

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