The Basic Rules for Healthy Roses

Here are the basic rules.  Above are links to navigate to a page that discusses each rule in detail.
 1.  Get the right varieties that will be happy in your yard.
 2.  Get own-root, not grafted, plants.
3.  Don’t over-fertilize.  Instead, mulch like hell once a year .
4.  Don’t stress about bugs. If you lay off the pesticides, other bugs will eat them.
5.  Grow roses along with other plants, not in a monoculture where rose pests can thrive.
6.  Don’t stress about pruning.  Instead, choose plants that will stay about the size they need to be.
7.  Weeding is good therapy for the weeder, but happy roses will out-compete weeds with no problem.
8.  Feel like a rose expert by making more of the roses you love for free.
 I’ll update with new information and seasonal photos as I get them.
ghislaine de feligonde out dining rm window

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